PS1 Palo Santo

These bundles of Palo Santo are brought back fresh from Peru as I make my annual trips to see my family.  What is magical about Palo Santo is the process by which it becomes “Palo Santo” or “Holy Wood”. 


Paolo Santo trees live around 80-90 years.  What is harvested and recognized as “Palo Santo”, is the tree limbs which have aged and fallen naturally and then remained in their natural habitat for 4 - 10 years!  You see, while the dead tree limbs lie on the ground, an alchemical metamorphosis occurs in the wood which creates the mystical and medicinal properties for which Palo Santo is famous.  It literally dies and then after 4 – 10 years, is made new!  That is why you can’t just go chop down a Palo Santo tree and expect it to smell or produce the same mystical & medicinal properties for which the wood is sought after.


Palo Santo is commonly used for healing, clearing, and for raising the vibration of people and spaces.   The Shipibo shaman recognize it as one of the most powerful of plant spirits to partner with during healing ceremonies.  The spirit of the wood inhabits the smoke as it is smudged throughout.


These bundles also come with a small pouch of sawdust, which when kept with the Palo Santo sticks in a sealed bag or container, will keep your wood fresh and aromatic.  You may even want to eventually burn the sawdust as an incense.

PS1 Palo Santo